Freedom is the first step.

Our biggest struggles are not always in the courtroom. Once liberated, our exonerees face a host of difficult re-entry barriers. Separated from their loved ones and society for decades, returning home comes with an array of financial, emotional, and physical challenges.

Assist Exonerees

While our clients–those who have served their time and continue to fight their wrongful conviction, and exonerees alike–are their own best advocates, we all need a hand from time to time. The best way that you can help an EP client get back on their feet is to recommend affordable housing and friendly employers. It is very hard to be released from prison after decades spent struggling to survive wrongful incarceration only to encounter the very real struggle of re-entry into a society that offers very little in the way of rehabilitative or social services.

Donate Goods & Services:

Exonerees leave prison with little more than the clothes on their back. Help ease the transition for an exoneree and their family by donating gently used items or useful goods & services. In our experience, the most useful donations include:

If you or your employer has a service they can provide pro bono or for a discount, we know a grateful exoneree who would appreciate your time. We often pair exonerees with professionals who can assist our clients with affordable options as they get back on their feet. Our most common client needs include:

  • Transportation & Mechanic Services
  • Counseling & Social Work Services
  • Medical & Dental Care

Donate Reading Material:

Your donation of reading material directly impacts wrongfully imprisoned clients and exonerees. Access to information about the legal system, wrongful conviction, and social justice is critical to advancing a more equal and transparent justice system.

Donate Books

Businesses & Employers

Exonerees have lost years of their life to wrongful conviction, and with that time they lost the opportunity to build a secure and stable future. Friendly employers, those who recognize the resilient spirit and boundless determination of our clients, are the best pathway for an exoneree rebuild their life. Our exonerees are looking for a wide range of part-time, full- time, skill-building and networking opportunities. To inquire about current job seekers and EP partnerships, please email or call our office today.

Intern or Volunteer

We welcome motivated students, attorneys, and community members to join us in the fight against wrongful convictions. The criminal justice system is not perfect. When innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit, the consequences for their lives and the lives of their families are truly devastating. In order to restore justice for exonerees, we rely on hard working individuals working together to bring about meaningful change in and outside of the courtroom. There are many ways to become involved, and we invite you to email or call our office today to explore unique ways you can contribute. Visit the Exoneration Project on Idealist for ongoing opportunities.


Meet our interns

We work with undergraduate, graduate, and law students throughout the year to respond to requests for representation, provide supportive services to exonerees, and to manage a quarterly newsletter and pen-pal program for our incarcerated clients. Check back in December to meet our 2017 internship team.