About Mass Exoneration Initiative

Bad actors within the criminal legal system are responsible for countless wrongful convictions, many of which have historically gone unaddressed, even when those bad actors have been convicted of crimes relating to their official duties.

The Exoneration Project has been at the forefront of exonerating groups of people whose wrongful convictions were caused by bad actors, including disgraced former Chicago police sergeant Ronald Watts and detective Reynaldo Guevara, amongst others.

The Mass Exoneration Initiative of the Exoneration Project works to identify bad actors who have caused repeated wrongful convictions and to exonerate their victims. We work nationwide and often collaborate with attorneys and community groups.

If you were wrongly convicted as a result of this kind of official misconduct, or know of a potential bad actor who you believe has caused systemic wrongful convictions, please contact us:  massexoneration@exonerationproject.org