BY: The Exoneration Project

Breaking: EP Files for Immediate Release After New DNA Evidence Exonerates Nevest Coleman

UPDATED: Monday, August 7, 2017

Judge May Announce Decision On Releasing Wrongfully Imprisoned Chicagoan on August 18th

Release of Nevest Coleman, Wrongfully Imprisoned 23 Years, is Opposed
by States Attorney Foxx, Despite DNA Match to Another Suspect, a Serial Rapist

Proteges of Disgraced Cmdr Jon Burge Secured His Conviction

CHICAGO, 1 PM 8/7/2017 – At a Cook County Courthouse hearing this morning where attorneys for Nevest Coleman petitioned for his immediate release after 23 years wrongfully in prison, Judge Dennis J. Porter announced a new hearing on Friday, August 18 at 10 AM when he will hear arguments about the petition, and may announce a decision to release Coleman.

Unlike today’s hearing, Mr. Coleman will be in court on August 18th, along with his family and supporters.

Royalty-free pictures of Mr. Coleman shortly before his 1994 arrest are attached to this email. They can also be found here, along with descriptions. Coleman, then a 25-year-old groundskeeper at Comiskey Park and father of a 2-year-old daughter and 3-month-old son, had never been arrested before in his life. He lost both parents while he was in prison.

Recent DNA testing has matched semen on the victim’s underwear and sweatshirt, as well as DNA from underneath the victim’s fingernails to that of a serial rapist, whose identity is currently undisclosed, and completely excluded Coleman and Fulton.

Despite the new evidence and an ample history of misconduct by the detectives who conducted the original investigation, Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx is opposing the release of Coleman and Fulton. The sole evidence against the defendants at the time of the trial was Coleman’s coerced confession obtained by notorious Area 2 detectives. All of the forensic evidence then available excluded Mr. Coleman and the two men implicated by his confession.

Detectives in Coleman’s case have been the subject of investigation after numerous convictions have unraveled due to a pattern of false confessions in their cases. Bill Foley, the lead detective on Coleman’s case, and the detective who obtained Coleman’s confession, has since been revealed as the detective who obtained a false confession from Harold Richardson in the now-notorious “Englewood Four” case. Detectives Kenneth Boudreau, Jack Halloran, and James O’Brien, who also investigated the case, trained under the infamous Jon Burge, and have been accused by dozens of men of coercing false confessions, including many Burge-era exonerees.

Coleman (48) is currently incarcerated at Hill Correctional Center.