BY: The Exoneration Project

Charges Dismissed for Robert Hill

Robert Hill has always insisted he was innocent of the armed robbery and murder that occurred at Frank’s Liquor Store in October 2005. Indeed, Robert has always insisted that he told the Cook County Sheriff’s police he was innocent when arrested and questioned about this crime in October 2007. What’s more, Robert insisted that the police promised him that if he took and passed a polygraph, he would be immune from prosecution.

After an investigation and hearing conducted by the Exoneration Project, today, the Honorable Judge Carl Boyd agreed–finding that Hill did take and pass a polygraph, the Sheriffs did make those promises, and the police, indeed, must now keep that promise. After a ten-year legal battle, all charges were dismissed against Robert and he will be released today.

Robert is looking forward to spending his first quiet Christmas with his loving family in over a decade. Although the legal battle may continue in the appellate court, Robert is so happy to continue to fight this battle from outside prison walls.