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Justice or preferential treatment?

Two months ago, two University of Alabama football players were arrested in Louisiana for openly carrying a stolen gun in a car while possessing a small amount of marijuana. One of the arrestees is perhaps the best Offensive Lineman in college football and projected to be one of the first players selected in the next NFL draft.

One confession—sometimes true, sometimes false

Several years ago, I represented a man named Jamie Lee Peterson. Mr. Peterson was convicted of a 1996 sexual assault and murder of a 69-year-old woman in a small, northwest Michigan town named Kalkaska. He was convicted of this crime because he confessed to it, and he was convicted despite the fact that male DNA recovered from semen on the body of the victim excluded Mr. Peterson.


May marks the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year: graduation season. Earlier this month, I had the honor of attending the Chicago Scholars College Choice Celebration. A night in which high school seniors from all around the city come together with their Chicago Scholars mentors, friends and families, to announce the colleges they have selected to attend in the fall.

Ruminations on a Broken Criminal Justice System

Sometimes it is the little things that remind me of how truly broken our criminal justice system is. Two tidbits from my morning yesterday at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse reinforced that. My client, Clarissa Glenn, was officially denied a certificate of innocence.

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