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New Trial for Client Patrick Prince

Exoneration Project clinic students Michaela Kabat and Regina Wood with Attorney and Lecturer David Owens. On April 26, 2017,Exoneration Project client Patrick Prince won a new trial based on a preponderance of new evidence of innocence.  In his order, the Judge states: This is a case that arose during the times, thinking, sentiments, customs and ...

The Story of Illinois C-Numbers

By Attorney Josh Tepfer On February 1, 1978, Illinois made one of its most significant changes to its criminal justice scheme. As of that date, all sentences imposed upon individuals convicted of criminal offenses were made determinate – that is, individuals were sentenced to a specific number of years or days, and, generally speaking [1], the ...

Penalizing Poverty

Attorney Karl Leonard Being charged with a crime in Cook County is an expensive proposition.  A person charged with a crime—all of whom are presumed innocent—often must come up with enormous sums of money in order to be released on bond prior to trial.  If they are unable to do so, they will be kept ...

Jack McCullough: Certificate of Innocence

Matthew Apgar ( / Daily Chronicle Sycamore, IL Last week Jack McCullough took the stand for forty minutes, asking a DeKalb County judge to issue him a Certificate of Innocence in the 1957 murder of Maria Ridulph. Today, his pleas were heard: Judge William Brady granted Jack a Certificate of Innocence that will ensure that he is ...