Who is affected by wrongful conviction?

Explore the different ways wrongful convictions occur through the eyes of the innocent incarcerated.

Rodell Sanders

Rodell Sanders spent over two decades in prison for a murder and attempt murder that he did not commit. In the early hours of a December 1993, a young man and his girlfriend were forced out of their car at gunpoint and ordered to walk down a deserted alley where they were subsequently shot. The …

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Jose Montanez

In 2016, after twenty three years of wrongful incarceration, a Cook County judge vacated the convictions and dismissed all charges against Jose Montanez, and his co-defendant, Armando Serrano. In February 1993, Montanez and Serrano were each sentenced to 55 years in the killing of a west side Chicago man. Both men have long proclaimed their …

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James Kuppelberg

James Kluppelberg was wrongfully convicted of a possible arson and related six-person homicide which occurred in the early morning hours of March 1984 on the south side of Chicago. Nearly four years passed until Kluppelberg was interrogated and arrested for setting the fire. Detectives severely beat Kluppelberg, causing injuries so serious that the court concluded …

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Ben Baker

In 2016, Ben Baker overturned his 2006 conviction for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver after the Exoneration Project obtained exculpatory FBI documents through the Freedom of Information Act. The materials prove that Bakers’ allegations against a corrupt Chicago Police tactical team were corroborated by investigative materials that were available at the …

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Eric Caine

In 1989, twenty-four-year-old Eric Caine was convicted of stabbing an elderly couple to death on the south side of Chicago. Caine lost twenty five years of his life imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, languishing in prison for nearly a decade after his co-defendant was fully exonerated for the same crime. The only …

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Tyrone Hood

Tyrone Hood was convicted of the 1993 killing of an Illinois Institute of Technology college basketball star, Marshall Morgan, Jr. Hood had nothing to do with the crime. Rather, the evidence strongly suggests that the victim’s father–Marshall Morgan, Sr.–is the killer. Morgan, Sr. has a long and patterned history of killing loved ones under circumstances …

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