Seven Survivors of CPD Det. Guevara’s Misconduct File Court Petitions to Overturn Their Convictions

Today, seven men filed petitions seeking to reverse their decades-old convictions tied to disgraced former Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara. The men—who have completed their sentences and are out of custody—all claim their innocence. Their post-conviction petitions are linked for your reference below (at each client’s name).

The seven men are as follows: Jayson Aguiar, who served 20 years, David Kruger, who served 14 years, Juan Molina, who served 12.5 years, Edwin Ortiz, who served 25 years, Oscar Soto, who served 3 years, Victor Vera, who served 19 years, and Tyrece Williams, who served 20 years.



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