Watts Team Scandal

Disgraced former Chicago Police Sergeant Ronald Watts and his team of corrupt officers are responsible for hundreds of false drug convictions. To date, more than 200 such convictions have been thrown out in the largest mass exoneration in Chicago history. Those victims, later adjudicated innocent, were sentenced to over 274 years in prison.

Joshua Tepfer, attorney for the Exoneration Project, explains the case of Ronald Watts, a former Chicago police officer who ran a drug operation at the Ida B. Wells housing project for several years. If residents dared to protest, Watts and his partner would plant drugs on them and have them arrested. Over 100 convictions have since been vacated.

Pictured above is Tepfer, petitioners, and supporters of the petition gather at the press conference on July 20, 2021 at the former site of Ida B. Wells Housing Project. Tepfer is gesturing toward the box of exhibits filed that day with the petition.


  • Kevin Jay Long on October 22, 2022

    REMEMBER: The true assholes of our society are cops and prosecutors; accordingly, do not trust them until proven otherwise!

    Keep-up the good work of going after dirty cops!


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