David Wright Exonerated After Spending Over Half His Life Wrongfully Imprisoned

On March 29, our client David Wright was exonerated of homicide convictions that resulted from abusive interrogations by CPD Detectives Cassidy, Boudreau, Halloran, and their team. Mr. Wright was convicted of the tragic murders of two friends in 1994. According to his petition for post-conviction relief, no physical evidence linked him to the murders, nor did any eyewitnesses identify him as being the perpetrator. Instead, Mr. Wright was convicted based on statements – a false “confession” – he signed following a grueling, abusive 14-hour interrogation by CPD Detectives James Cassidy, Kenneth Boudreau, and John Halloran.

These detectives have a well-documented pattern and practice of generating false confessions out of the innocent. According to data we’ve collected, to date at least 25 people have had their convictions overturned following convictions obtained based on these detectives’ misconduct. This number does not include current pending litigation by others who have suffered due to the misconduct of these detectives. The State continues to stand behind the conduct of these detectives, even allowing them to testify in court just last week.

Mr. Wright was arrested as a juvenile at just 17 years old – he did not see freedom again until leaving prison just before his 46th birthday. He ultimately wrongly served 28 years before being released in September, after 10 years of arduous litigation. He is currently making up for lost time by spending time with his family and attending school. Congratulations Mr. Wright!


  • Ansley terrell on May 18, 2023

    This is Like my sister, Alyssa Watson’s case, in Alabama. No DNA or physical evidence linked her to the murder or kidnapping she was convicted for. Only the false testimonies of 2 of the people who were caught at the crime scence with DNA and blood all on them. One girl was facing life without in prison and for her false testimony got a 20 split 5. and the other guy who testified was facing the death penalty and got a lwop deal. my sister was 8 months pregnant whenever she went to trial and they gave her 30 years. She turned down 3 plea deal a week before her trial because she said she wasn’t going to comprise her integrity and teach her black son to let the justice system fool him. In 2019 the alabama court of criminal appeals vacated her kidnapping conviction but with held the murder and kept her on a 30 year sentence. she has now been incarcerated for 5 years and has never had a chance to be a mother. she is strong and she has hope and faith that someone will help her get out of prison. keep her in your prayers. thank you. I love hearing people realeased. the system is not just. congrats!


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