Edwin Davila Exonerated, Becomes 35th Guevara Exoneree

Yesterday morning, Edwin Davila joined nearly three dozen other people exonerated of false homicide charges put together by notorious retired Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara. Mr. Davila was framed for a 1995 murder despite, according to his petition for post-conviction relief, having an alibi, there being no physical evidence connecting him to the crime scene, and witnesses initially reporting not seeing the shooter.

Mr. Davila spoke with the press today and described both his joy due to his conviction being vacated and his sadness due to the tremendous loss he incurred while incarcerated. At the time of his false arrest, Mr. Davila’s girlfriend was pregnant with their first child. He missed the entirety of his son’s childhood. In addition, his grandmother who raised him due to his being orphaned at an early age passed away while he was incarcerated.

Today, we are so happy for Mr. Davila and look forward to continuing to fight for his justice. Congratulations Edwin.



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