Frank Burrell Exonerated After 20 Years Wrongfully Incarcerated

On Tuesday, March 5th, EP client Frank Burrell was exonerated after spending some 20 years wrongfully incarcerated and after years of hard-fought litigation, including facing retrial for the last four years after the Court of Appeals vacated Mr. Burrell’s conviction and ordered his release in 2019.

The process was difficult. Mr. Burrell had to fight to find housing stability, overcome the bogus conviction and murder charges to find a stable job, and unable to provide full support to his out-of-state family.

The end of the road was winding and arduous, too, as Mr. Burrell had to show up to court prepared for a murder retrial nearly 25 years after the fact and was forced to show up ready for trial three consecutive weeks in a row. Fortunately, and finally, on March 5, the State did what it should have done long before and dismissed charges.

Congratulations to Mr. Burrell and his family on finally achieving some measure justice and bringing this nightmare to a close. We are honored to represent him. Mr. Burrell is represented by Attorneys David B. Owens and Tara Thompson of the Exoneration Project.



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