Louis Robinson Exonerated, Becomes 42nd Guevara Exoneree

On August 10, 2023, our client Louis Robinson saw freedom for the first time in 27 years after the Court vacated his homicide conviction. His post-conviction petition detailed the evidence of Guevara’s misconduct in his case as well as his pattern of similar misconduct in dozens of other cases.

Mr. Robinson was framed for a 1996 murder and lost almost three decades of his life. No physical evidence connected him to the crime, he had an alibi, and witnesses initially could not provide a description of the shooter or make an identification. Former det. Guevara manipulated witnesses into making false identifications and fantastical statements implicating Mr. Robinson.

Mr. Robinson was welcomed home by his two daughters, Louisha and Zapria, and says he is looking forward to meeting his grandchildren, eating a home-cooked meal, and going bowling. Congratulations Mr. Robinson!

Mr. Robinson is represented by Attorneys Lyla Wasz-Piper and Josh Tepfer of the Exoneration Project and Anand Swaminathan of civil rights firm Loevy and Loevy.



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